Did you know that a list of top CEOs shows a lack of diversity, revealing that women make a small percentage of them in large companies? Moreover, statistics show that women are overrepresented in support functions such as administration. Whereas, men are more likely to be seen in operations, profit and loss, and development areas- which are critical experience points for those seeking high-level jobs. When we think about it, society is less likely to associate women with leading positions and areas of power. The effects that societal stereotypes have on women are prevalent: from lowering productivity levels to keeping them from deserving senior positions. Such incidents are common occurrences in the corporate world.

However, this is not about rehearsing what women experience in the field. Instead, this is about celebrating our progress. Researches show that highly successful and iconic female role models motivate other women to perform better in leadership positions. Today women are beating the odds from one generation to the next by circumventing the stereotype by exposing women to other successful and leading female role models.

This is why the Icons collection is inspired by and celebrates the resilience and tenacity of women who through their intelligence and hard-work have broken glass ceilings to get to the top of their career. These assiduous and diligent women work tirelessly to beat the odds and get ahead in today’s competitive industry. These ICONS represent the real power of female force. We just want to celebrate female ICONS. A way of saying that indeed women are showing up, they are leaning in, and getting things done. We hope this inspires women across the world to do more, to do greater things, and to unlock their hidden potentials.