Nneka Nkiruka Kyari Is Making Stylish & Quality Work Wears Available For Women At Affordable Prices

Nneka Nkiruka Kyari is an author, entrepreneur and CEO of the women’s fashion label NKIRUKA.

She is also the Founder of Golf Estate Good News Club, a non-profit, non-denominational children’s bible club that encourages children ranging from ages 4 – to 12 to meet God early through Bible studies, fun review games, short movies, symposiums, theme-based projects and special bible activities.

She worked in the telecom and the banking sector for a couple of years before she took time off to raise her children. During that time, she wrote an inspirational autobiography titled ‘Breaking Through the Haze – How I Overcame Infertility’

She later went to study fashion design at a fashion institute in Paris and started her own fashion line.


About Her Fashion Line
NKIRUKA is a revolutionary online brand that offers women access to a fine collection of carefully crafted formal and semi-formal clothes.

The brand has one aim: to support working women to achieve success and relevance with tasteful designs and premium, yet affordable workwear outfits.

The ready-to-wear professional outfits are retailed only via their versatile website www.nkirukaonline.com.


Why She Started NKIRUKA
We asked her why she started the fashion line and this is what she said:

I believe that image is reality; therefore, both professionals and businesswomen must present themselves as smart as possible. 

I spent some time in the financial sector and I observed that getting premium quality work wears for a regular working woman was quite pricey because of the exchange rate. So, I thought to create a Nigerian brand to produce premium quality work wears and make it available for working women at affordable prices.


Why Working Women Are Choosing NKIRUKA
Here are a few reasons working women have been the choosing the brand:

» The designs and clothes they produce are tailored to perfection using premium fabrics and linings. This provides a luxurious feel that exudes confidence. And yet such effortless confidence is available at such incredibly affordable prices.

» Also, with a very robust E-commerce platform, the stress of going into a brick–and–mortar store is taken away from the working woman. She can now shop at ease from the comfort of her home or office and have it delivered to her doorstep as early as the very next day.

» The brand makes it possible for regular working women to adorn themselves and look professional without breaking the bank and avoid time-consuming in-store shopping. These SMART options are life-changing to a working woman. It’s time-proven that dressing professional or as some would call “power-dressing” literally advances one’s career.


Ready-to-wear work wears are available on the website: www.nkirukaonline.com.

They are also open to bulk purchases at discounted prices and corporate partnerships for customized production.


NKIRUKA offers affiliate marketing with up to 30% commission through the E-commerce website to encourage unemployed youths or stay at home moms to earn income from the comfort of their homes.

Click on this link for more details nkirukaonline.com/affiliate-program/


Get In Touch
Instagram | @shopnkiruka
Twitter | @nkirukaonline
Facebook | @nkiruka
Website | www.nkirukaonline.com
Email | orders@nkirukaonline.com


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